General Information

  • What is Indie Piñata? Indie Piñata is a time-limited event created to promote similar, high quality games available on Steam, among enthusiasts of specific game genres. The featured collection of games was handpicked by indie developers themselves and is available at a discounted price.
  • Which games and developers are involved in the Indie Piñata? These are all the games and their developers taking part in Indie Piñata:

    MouseCraft by Crunching Koalas
    Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine by Pocketwatch Games
    The Bridge by Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda
    Contraption Maker by Spotkin
    Dungeon Hearts by Devolver Digital and Cube Roots
    Super Splatters by SpikySnail
    Triple Town by Spry Fox LLC
    10,000,000 by EightyEightGames
    Jack Lumber by Owlchemy Labs
    Flockers by Team17
  • Why are we doing this? Thousands of games available on Steam make it difficult for enthusiasts of certain game genres to find games that they really enjoy. That's why we teamed up with developers that create games that are somehow similar to MouseCraft. Games we have chosen can be similar in terms of graphics, gameplay mechanics or general feel and we think that if anybody owns at least one title from our list, there's a high chance they will like every other game from our campaign. This is our proposition on how curated storefronts should look like.
  • How long does the campaign last? It runs for 10 days, from July 16th (10 AM PST) until July 26th (10 AM PST).
  • The voiceover in the video is awesome - who did it? The one and only Indie Game Promoter - big thumbs up to this guy as he helped us make this happen! Be sure to visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheIndieGamePromoter

  • Discounts

  • How can I get these discounts? You need to already own or buy one of the games involved in Indie Piñata. You will automatically receive discounts for every other game.
  • Do I have to use Steam to get these discounts? Yes, the discounts are available only on Steam.
  • How can I use the discounts? If you already own a game from the event, please select your desired game on http://indiepinata.com and click "Buy on Steam". You will be transfered to your cart and the discount will be added automatically.
  • I already own one of the games involved in Indie Piñata, will I get all the discounts? Yes, all owners of games involved in Indie Piñata will receive discounts automatically.
  • I already own one of the games and I can't see a discount added to my order for one of the games involved in Indie Piñata! Please make sure you are logged into the correct Steam Account. If that will not help - please contact us immediately on support@crunchingkoalas.com
  • How long are these discounts valid? Until July 26th (10 AM PST).
  • Can I still use these discounts after the campaign is over? No, the discounts are valid until July 26th (10 AM PST) and they will disappear after this date.

  • Other

  • This FAQ did not answer my question. What do I do? With problems related to the Indie Piñata site, campaign, and discounts contact support@crunchingkoalas.com. For problems with the other games involved, please contact the developer in question..